Surinder Pal Dhammi, also known as Surinder Shinda, was a Punjabi singer who passed away on Wednesday at the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) in Ludhiana after a protracted illness. He was 70.


The ‘grandfather of MOC’, Shinda, was admitted to DMCH on July 15 and has been on a ventilator ever since. The musician was being treated by Dr. Sandeep Puri, the principal physician at DMCH, who indicated that he was in a severe condition upon arrival and had gone into a coma, and that kidney failure had made his situation worse.
He had previously undergone surgery in another hospital for an intestinal perforation, which caused him to become ill and develop pneumonia. He was already in a serious condition and on a ventilator when he got to us on July 15. He passed away at 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday for all the reasons mentioned, the doctor stated.
Shinda, who was raised in a carpenter’s home in Ludhiana’s Ayali village, always wanted to succeed.

Bachan Ram and Vidyavati, Shinda’s parents, did not come from a wealthy family. Bachan Ram, though, served as his first mentor. He had a wonderful classical voice. Shinda was therefore able to sing in his own home. At the infant age of four, he began studying music, according to renowned poet and cultural activist Gurbhajan Gill.

Bachan relocated to Ludhiana in search of a better job and enrolled Shinda at the city’s Government Multipurpose School in Lakkar Bazar. His classmate was Rajinder Basant, a well-known businessman whose Basant Ice-Creams brand is well-known in north India.

Since he began his career in 1959, Shinda has produced more than 165 musical CDs. His song “Uchha Burj Lahore Da” enjoyed a lot of success. He received the Shiromani Gayak award from the state government, and the Kala Parishad gave him the title of Punjab Gaurav Rattan.

Shinda has also appeared in Punjabi movies such as Patola, Jatt Jeona Maur, Badla Jatti Da, and Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da. He spent many years living in Sita Nagar, close to the bus stop, but approximately twenty years ago, he built a brand-new home in the upscale Inder Nagar neighborhood next to Ferozepur Road.

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