moon and earth

The moon is Earth only Natural Satellite and is located and an average distance of 384400 kilometers (238900 miles) away. This distance keeps on changing.
Since moon is Comparatively closer to earth then other celestial objects. Astronomers and Scientists have studied and observed the Moon since it is very close to Earth in
comparison to other celestial objects. Because of this we have been thoroughly investigate the surface of
the Earth with telescopes, both on Earth and in space, revealing fascinating landscapes, craters, and other geological phenomena.
the distance between the moon and the earth keeps on changing because of gravitational pull of the other planets.

Plans and talks addressing the prospect of sending people back to the Moon for additional exploration
and perhaps even the establishment of a lunar outpost have surfaced in recent years. including projects
would entail overcoming many obstacles, including as the time-consuming nature of space travel and the
requirement to create technologies that would allow for human residence on the lunar surface.

We can better understand the vastness of space if we know how far the Earth is from the Moon.

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