Chandrayaan 3 is all set to be launched on 14 th friday. India is the fourth Nation to touch lunar surface. Chandrayaan 3 is all ready for smooth landing and rover over the moon. All the Electrical tests on the vehicle assembly of LVM3-M4 and spacecraft have been completed.

This Mission of ISRO is the follow on Mission to Chandrayaan 2. Chandrayaan 3 will have lander an a rover and will have a propulsion model. It also aim perform some scientific search Experiment on the surface of the Moon. Chandrayaan 3 will be ready to have smooth landing. Chandrayaan 3 will put lander and rover near the south pole of the moon by August 2023. The Mission Life of Chandrayaan 3 is One Lunar Day which is Equivalant to about 14 Earth Days.

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