Bipasha Basu Break Down in Tear: Tells Daughter Had Two Holes in Heart

Last November 12, 2022, Bollywood celebrities Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover welcomed their first child, Devi. Since then, the parents have been sharing joyous and joyful videos and images of their little angels on a regular basis. Bipasha, on the other hand, recently revealed her daughter’s secret health fight.
On Saturday, Bipasha and Neha Dhupia sat down for a lengthy talk about the motherhood process.

bipasa basu

She went on to say that physicians notified the couple three days after Devi was born that she had two holes in her heart.
Bipasha fell down in tears while speaking with actress Neha Dhupia on Instagram Live, revealing that her three-month-old baby had open heart surgery.
”We didn’t even know what a VSD (ventricular septal defect) was,” Basu said through tears. A ventricular septal defect has occurred… We went through a hard patch. We didn’t talk about it with our families because we were both in a daze. We wanted to celebrate, but Karan and I were feeling a little numb. For us, the first five months were quite trying. Devi, on the other hand, has been fantastic from the start.”

Devi underwent open heart surgery.

The following month, it did not. “By the third month, I had done a lot of research, talked to surgeons and doctors, and visited hospitals,” Bipasha explained.

Basu also provided an update on Devi’s health, stating, “Yes, she has a scar on her chest and it’s her badge of honour.” “She would flaunt it and wear low cleavage knowing she was my daughter,” the star explained.

Bipasha continued, saying that her husband Karan was not prepared for her daughter’s heart operation, but she needed to remain strong. “I knew she had to be all right. I knew she’d be fine.
And she is OK today. It was all about performing the operation at the right time and in the correct place.”

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