arnav kapur
arnav kapur

Here’s how a Delhi-native created a tool that allows you to place mental pizza orders.
By just expressing words inside, users of this innovative ears are able to connect with computers, AI helpers, and even other people.

  1. Delhi-based ‘AlterEgo’, a machine with artificial intelligence built in, is created by Arnav Kapur.
  2. The AlterEgo device transmits information by analyzing brain impulses and vibrating the inner ear.
  3. The AlterEgo technology has tremendous possibilities for people who have speech problems.

Arnav Kapur, a student at MIT and a native of Delhi, has created the ‘AlterEgo’ device, which is an artificial intelligence-enabled gadget. This ground-breaking headset, whose model made its debut in 2018, enables users to converse with computers, AI helpers, and even other people by simply inside articulating words.

The AlterEgo device communicates by analyzing brain impulses and sending information via inner ear vibrations. By employing bone conduction to transmit and receive streams of information, this unusual kind of communication is completely private and internal. The usage of this gadget transforms routine operations, like ordering pizza, into a wordless dialogue between the user and the system. Imagine having the power to order your favorite Domino’s pizza without saying a word or doing any discernible action.

AlterEgo, according to MIT, is a non-invasive, wearable peripheral neural interface that enables people to communicate in a natural way with machines, smart assistants, services, and other people without using their voice, opening their mouth, or which makes any other movements that could be seen by others. Instead, they can do this by internally expressing words.

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